Gambling in Romania is legal, and there are several casinos in the country. The first gambling house opened in the country in 1906, and there are now casinos across the country, featuring table games, slots, video poker, and other popular games.

A couple of years after the communist rule in Romania ended in 1989; earlier anti-gambling rules were scrapped. Casino Bucharest at Hotel InterContinental opened in 1991 followed by Palace Casino Bucharest a couple of years later, but which closed in 2012.

When Romania joined the EU in 2007, the country was forced to regulate both online and land-based gambling operations properly and in 2013 the Romanian National Gambling Office (Oficiul National pentru Jocuri de Noroc) was established and took on responsibility for licensing online operators.

Casino staff are trained, polite, and helpful, and the casino floors lively without being overcrowded. With most casinos attached to three to five-star hotels, guests can expect exceptional hospitality, a wide variety of games, VIP rooms; elegant surroundings plus guaranteed discretion and security, casinos are a big draw in the country.

Online Gambling in Romania

Online gambling, sports betting, and casino gambling are allowed to be offered on the Internet by any licensed operator. All players must be aged over 18 and must show proof of age. There are more than 150 gambling websites that can be accessed in Romania, but not all are licensed. If caught accessing a blacklisted gambling website, players can be prosecuted and fined.

Cryptocurrencies are accessible in Romania, but there are no laws that define it to be legal or illegal. Since players are prosecuted for gambling on offshore websites, players can only gamble online using Bitcoin with care.

The best casinos in Romania

Whilst casinos in Romania do not have the same reputation as London or Monaco, they are still worth a visit, though be aware that tables can get busy on Saturday nights.
Here are the best:

Palace Casino

This luxury casino is considered the best in Romania, offering fourteen classic and contemporary table games: six American Roulette, six card games tables for Blackjack and variations of Poker. Texas poker and Stud poker, plus two tables for Texas Hold’em offered in two Lei and Euro currencies. There is a stylish bar and lounge, and an excellent restaurant that keeps you fed and watered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Planet Princess Slot Casino

The largest casino in Romania offers about 300 slot machines and an unspecified number of gaming tables. The casino never shuts, but tables can be busy on Saturday nights.

Casino Bucharest at Hotel Intercontinental

Casino Bucharest is a natural alternative to those who miss the Palace Casino since it is of similar quality. Casino Bucharest has a focus on live games, like poker, roulette, and the iconic casino game of blackjack. With the gaming more important than the architecture, this is a casino that is truly about the cards, chips, and games, making it perfect for the casino enthusiast.

Grand Casino Bucharest at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Grand Casino Bucharest at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel opened in September 2001 and now has 150 gaming machines and 18 gaming tables. The casino never closes, so players can relish exclusive casino games anytime. On offer at the live games are good quality food and drink.

Platinum Casino Bucharest at Hotel Radisson Blu

With over 80 gaming machines and 18 gaming tables, this is the third-largest casino in Romania and is was the first to be accredited by the Romanian Accreditation Association (RENAR), the national accreditation association of the Romanian government.

Game World at Hotel Intercontinental, Sibiu

Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007 is home to Game World Alba Sibiu which has an attractive mix of games and jackpots and a wonderful ambience for casino entertainment outside of the capital city. This is also a casino that never closes.

Casino Vesuvius, Brasov

This is an unusual casino outside of the capital since much of its area is dining space, which makes it ideal for events, but this does reduce the focus on gaming. However, the positive aspect of this is that the gaming areas offer an intimate atmosphere for a few quiet card games or similar after a good meal.

Casino Sinaia

Located in the Central Park of Sinaia, this is a beautiful building that has recently been renovated. This is a casino not just for gamblers, as you can visit to admire the interior design and architecture on a guided tour. The casino takes you back to the golden age of Sinaia, where Champagne was drunk, love stories were written, and money lost and won at the tables. In the building, you can also see the offices that were reserved for the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena.

After you have earned good money it is time for party!